Jet over door heater - The solution for McDonald's Drive-Thru

Like the majority of fast food outlets, McDonald's has both a main entrance and often a drive through window or overnight window servicing customers on the go. In Canada, where temperatures can reach extreme conditions, McDonald's chose to install Thermoscreens Jet over door heaters above the drive through windows to maintain a comfortable working environment for its staff. They needed a product that was not only energy efficient, but also lightweight, slim-line and aestheticaly pleasing. The Jet 3 was an obvious choice. The high efficiency elements provided instant heat when needed, its compact design and dimensions fitted perfectly over the opening and control switches were simple to use. Jet over doo heaters come complete with mounting brackets allowing the unit to be wall or ceiling mounted, the bracket angled to ensure effective coverage. To date, over 1/3 of McDonald's restaurants in Canada have kitted their drive through windows with Jet 3's. To find out more about Thermoscreens Jet over door heaters please have a look at Download section on our website to obtain technical specification and photos.