Ecopower Plus offers significant energy savings

Amongst its many initiatives McDonald's has comitted to energy efficiency by installing effective controls like Ecopower Plus controllers. Air curtains can be up to 80% effective in terms of climate seperation. With a 3m x 4m opening and outside temperature of 2.5C, the effects of keeping an open door for 2 minutes with no air curtain can result in a temperature drop from 20C to 7C. Drafts and additional strain on the heating systems to maintain comfortable indoor temperatures may be expierenced and the seating space near the entrance area will also remain largely under utilised. Installing Thermoscreens units f.e C range over the main entrances of McDonald's restaurants in Canada, reduced this impact, resulting in a temperature drop of less than 1C. The impact on employee and customer comfort as well as energy savings is evident. Canada's favourite C range compact design and energy efficient Ecopower control system allows for adjustable thermostatic operation and links to integrate the units within the BMS system helping to keep running costs down. The Thermoscreens Ecopower controller is supplied with our entire range of heated air curtains and is designed to prevent over heating at the building entrance and to provide measurable energy savings. In addition, You can choose to enable weather compensation control to further enhance energy saving. Please have a look at our Download section on the website for more technical informations and photos of the energy saving controller.