Chez Fred retains the heat to maximise customer comfort and average spend


Chez Fred is a successful, family-run fish and chip business in Westbourne, Dorset. They contacted Thermoscreens when planning to update, refurbish and increase the capacity of their takeaway and restaurant. Our brief was to maintain customer comfort in the restaurant and takeaway areas to maximise revenue and reduce energy loss.


With a high footfall entrance and 3 doors in continuous use, Chez Fred were looking to ensure a comfortable temperature was maintained throughout their restaurant and takeaway areas. 
It was important to reduce heat loss and eliminate any draughts around the doors – especially as there can be a constant flow of customers entering and leaving in the height of service - so these areas would be both useable restaurant space and able to maximise customer spend by them staying for additional drinks and desserts.  
Chez Fred’s is renowned for the warm welcome that also greets customers at its takeaway counter so they wanted these customers’ to wait in comfort whilst their delicious fish and chips are served.  
In addition, they needed a solution that would help to keep their new and spotlessly clean interior protected from dust, fumes and airborne particulates from the traffic and the outside world.
With a tight refurbishment schedule, it was also important to have a system that would complement their décor and be easy for their installers to fit.


The compact and crisp design of Thermoscreens’ C range surface units were chosen to complement the new stylised interior design of Chez Fred. 
Comfort heating produced by the air curtains enables full use of the restaurant where cold draughts are reduced to maximise the potential covers. 
The air flow also protects the spotlessly clean interior from dust, fumes and airborne particulates from the traffic and the outside world.
Positioning the air curtains close to the opening section of the door reduces the convective heat loss and retains the heated or conditioned internal environment. Energy consumption is therefore reduced. In addition, Thermoscreens’ Eco Power V9 Control System maximises the efficiency of the air curtain as a sensor reduces the heat output in stages to maintain an even temperature.

About Thermoscreens

Thermoscreens were one of the first companies in the world to design and build air curtains and began their manufacture in 1965. We now supply HVAC solutions to over 50 countries worldwide and have equipment in businesses on high streets across the UK.  Furthering our committed to excellence and innovation, we are an active board member of the HEVAC Trade Association. The C range is designed in the UK and manufactured in Nuneaton, England.  
The C range is Thermoscreens’ most compact air curtain. It is very popular in applications where there is minimal headspace above the door. Tests by Thermoscreens on their  show energy consumption can be reduced by 60% when compared to an on and off controller. This prevents overheating and also recognises the fluctuations in temperatures throughout the long trading period of a busy restaurant.
 The latest V9 control system can also fully integrate the air curtain into the property’s BMS system to full off site control and monitoring. Trend logging, integrated 7-day timer, fan and heat adjustment and many other functions means that the air curtain can be completely incorporated into the energy strategy for any restaurant or store where advanced control and interrogation is required.

Customer Opinion

“We needed an air curtain company that could advise and manufacture our chosen system within our tight renovation schedule.
We chose Thermoscreens because of their experience and knowledge of what high street restaurants need. We have been very happy with their recommendation of the C range
We are now able to use tables by the entrances throughout service, whatever the weather. When these tables are occupied, we have seen a significant rise in the average spend of those customers. 
We’re a very busy restaurant and takeaway but despite the numbers of people entering and leaving, both areas are now of a consistent temperature with less fumes and dust coming in from the street.” 
Fred Capel, Chez Fred